What is Great Awakening Co.?

Great Awakening Co. has been a work in progress for past 23 years. The moment I realized that to live a life of Liberty it would take a business to support it and provide the Freedom to schedule my own time. During that time I devised a plan and gathered the skills and resources to ensure success of that plan. Finally, after 23 years all the pieces are in place and we are ready to sprint.

As I began my journey down the rabbit hole my first stop was fiat currency and the Central Banking System. I knew how important currency was to being successful and I wanted to figure out how it worked so I could use it as a tool to be used for my success. What became apparent to me though was how the system could be used against We the People. After that Great Awakening I knew I had to do something otherwise my children would become victims of a system that only a small percentage of people understood and the majority of them are a part of it.

In order to combat the Central Banking System it would take far more than just me. I would need a network of Patriots to join me on my mission. The weapons we would need include Truth, Knowledge, Family, Community and God. Great Awakening is the platform to needed to accomplish that mission.

The weapon of TRUTH can be obtained through collaborative and/or individual research on whatever topic of interest. To spread the TRUTH to others outside the Network Great Awakening has a platform for Citizen Journalists to publish Articles and a Network of Patriots to distribute that article across their numerous Social Media Accounts to reach as many people as quickly as possible. The more TRUTH that reaches We the People the better chance We the People have at the opportunity of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

The weapon of Knowledge can be achieved by Patriots sharing the information and understanding they have acquired with other Patriots that may be interested in acquiring the same information. The more Knowledge Patriots share and acquire the better equipped we are as a whole to advance. Great Awakening is a “Trusted Resource” to turn to and learn whatever subject you desire to better arm yourself for mission success.

The weapon of Family is extremely important and the family unit has been attacked for generations. The Family can pass on Truth, Knowledge and Assets to the next generation. Family can be a support structure and work together for the benefit of everyone in the Family. In order for certain families to gain a competitive advantage they have attacked the “common family” to divide them and turn them against each other. The Family needs to be strengthened and/or re-established.

Patriots improving their local Community will keep the Government from taking control of those in need and using them as pawns. The stronger each and every local Community is the stronger our Nation is as a whole. If Patriots take responsibility for improving their own Communities then each person within that Community will have a better chance at achieving mission success.

God is self-explanatory. Each and every one of us should evaluate our relationship with God and strengthen that bond because we will need it. This is a war of Good versus Evil. God is the answer for mission success.

Patriots have the opportunity to be a part of that mission by joining the Patriot Elite to have full-access to the Network and the resources needed to actually live Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.