Services Offered

Our Purpose is “Revolutionize the World by Empowering We the People.” We believe that in order to stay true to that purpose we needed a platform to Unite Patriots and allow them to collaborate to uncover and circulate the Truth, to attain the Knowledge needed to flourish and share the Knowledge they have accumulated with other Patriots and the tools needed for Patriots to chase their Purpose. The following list are the Services we currently offer and will continue to expand:

  • Patriot Network-A Social Network built for Patriots by Patriots.
  • Patriot Media-Rise of the Citizen Journalist! With the Corporate Giants controlling the narrative Citizens are kept in the dark altogether on certain topics and given misinformation on others, all while the Truth is hidden. We offer a platform for Patriots to publish News Articles and or Videos to get the Truth circulated to Citizens.
  • Patrioturials-Step by Step Guides created by Patriots to share the knowledge they have acquired on any number of subjects.
  • Patriot BoardsA place for Patriots to express their thoughts, ideas, difficulties and concerns without the fear of Censorship. The First Amendment at it’s finest.
  • True HistoryA place for Patriots to help uncover the True History. Patriots can learn about and/or write History Articles about whatever Historical event, place, person and/or group of people they are interested.
  • Patriot GroupsThe Patriot Groups are designed to support Patriots and Great Awakening Co. on the journey to our Purpose.
  • Patriot Job BoardsA job board for Patriot Companies to post job openings for Patriots seeking job opportunities.
  • Great Awakening MarketA Marketplace for Patriots and/or Patriot Companies to sell their products.

Great Awakening Co. is still in it’s infancy and the quality of these services will continue to improve and new services introduced as resources allow. We hope that you decide to join the network and begin our collaboration to Revolutionize the World by Empowering We the People.


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